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My name is Simonetta Ronconi and I am a Native Italian Voice Over Talent and Translator living in The Netherlands. I provide the international creative community with voice-overs and translations for their publishing projects and audio post-productions in Italian – business to business.


Knowing and understanding the cultural differences existing between Italy and other countries – Northern Europe and North America in particular – I can culturally adapt my interpretation to convey your specific message, taking into consideration the various influential elements, intentions and nuances.

Over the years I have recorded extensively in clients’ designated studios in The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and Italy.


Since 2004 I have also been recording and post-producing voiceover projects in my own recording studio, reaching a wide range of countries and clients, especially in Europe and in North America.


Versatile, creative and coachable I have developed expert self-directing and editing skills. I am happy to record short custom demos and help check texts.

A landscape shot of val d'orcia tuscany italy with a cloudy sunny blue sky in the background

Home Studio

• Source Connect Studio
• Neumann U87 Ai microphone
• AVID Pro Tools

Voice characteristics

• Female • Mid-timbre • Lower pitch
• Neutral Italian pronunciation
• Accented English
• Perceived age: 30-40


• English, Dutch and French into Italian
• Extensive experience
• Specialized in museum audio tours
and localization projects

Recording Projects

• TV and Radio ads  • Web ads  • Corporate videos  • Web-Explainers  • Museum Audio Guides  • Documentaries  • Navigation systems  • E-learning programs  • IVR  • Artificial Voice Systems  • Meditation Guidance

Emotional Content

• Friendly • Trustworthy • Competent
• Elegant • Clear  • Natural
• Conversational • Caring •  Cheerful
• Persuasive •  Confident

Translation Projects

• Museum Audio Tours • Museum Catalogs
• Corporate Communications
• Subtitles • E-learning Projects
• Artificial Voice Systems
• Conference Speeches • Websites

Downloadable demos

Italian Commercial Reel
Italian Corporate Reel
Italian Documentary Reel
English Commercial Reel
Italian e-Learning Reel
Italian Narration Reel
A beautiful shot of Matera, the European capital of culture in Basilicata,  Italy

What clients say

Simonetta Ronconi is the ‘Italian’ voice within our Intelligent Artificial Voice System. She is a professional speaker; this becomes clear when we work with her in our studios. Simonetta also acts as a professional translator into Italian and advises us which translations should be used best for Italian native speakers. We are well pleased working with Simonetta, due to her professionalism, expertise as a speaker and translator.


Account Manager of a leading provider of Intelligent Artificial Voice Systems for Airports and Airlines in The Netherlands

‘It is always great to work with Simonetta Ronconi — one of the finest female Italian voice-overs I know. Professional, accurate, versatile.

Her pleasantly “warm” and perfectly balanced tone of voice always ensures a professional result. 100% success guaranteed! Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative.’


Senior Sound Designer for an audiovisual company in the Netherlands


‘Simonetta really has everything you expect from a professional voice today. She’s flexible, fast, efficient, and fully sympathetic to the assignment she’s reading for. And… perhaps the most important thing for a native speaker who doesn’t live in her own country: she has an all-round ‘accent-less’ language. Believe me, with Italian native voices this is certainly not always the case!’


Owner of an audiovisual company in Belgium


‘AMAZING work, Simonetta! Thank you for your fantastic recordings – we love your voice, and you always get the job done perfectly right away.

You are such a pleasure to work with and we look forward to the next project. 10 + stars!’


Director of Sales at an international voiceover community and online voiceover marketplace in Canada

‘Simonetta’s voice is terrific but on top of that, she was such a joy to work with. 

She is very professional and was able to provide exactly what we wanted, without any need for revision. Very accurate and right on time!’



 Project Manager of a video production and multimedia company in USA

1915 1065 castelluccio ernesto-scarponi-Oo2k8tOGkis-unsplash




Travelling, storytelling and the observation of the human psyche are among my greatest passions and if you add my love and reverence for the Italian language, my mother tongue, you will understand why I devote my professional life to voice-overs and translations.


Contributing to the publication of meaningful information and concepts is of great significance to me.


I take pride in delivering the most appropriate, accurate and enhancing interpretation of your text for your target group and I believe in the importance of building lasting and constructive relationships with my clients.

A journey through ideas, images, words and sounds

The ticket

Receiving a text to translate or to voice is like getting a ticket to embark on a journey. The version you will send me is probably the end result of a creative process that has involved several people. Therefore, the requests and expectations contained in your briefing will be the coordinates of my route.

The planning

The journey begins when I start discovering the subject matter, content, target group, context, style, terminology of your text and the myriads of other details I must consider while carrying out my assignment - not to mention the specific software application requirements and the deadline I must respect!

The first steps

Once the general assessment has taken place the actual expedition begins. There are so many layers and dimensions to be found when I try to grasp the true meaning and underlying motives of a text, that it is like entering different landscapes projected on invisible canvases. It is all about making choices, continuously, as you do when you follow a long path.

The path

Sound and musicality play a major role in translations and voiceovers. Even the most neutral text needs harmony and musicality. Once I decide how to interpret a sentence, I use my intuition and all my skills to modulate and pace my voice to express it in the most effective way for your Italian target group, with rhythm, intensity, clarity, emotions and intonations. I could add that pauses are possibly as important as sound, if not more important.

The arrival

Once I reach the end of my translation or recording, a new important phase begins: the revision/editing. It is like starting all over again, since I must double check every detail. A reviser appointed by you will validate my translation and your studio will take care of the final editing. If I record your script in an external studio with a director and a sound engineer on the other hand, I only have to focus on the director’s indications and on my own interpretation.

The pictures

Sending my files and receiving your feedback and a copy of your final published product constitutes the final chapter of my journey, a great moment. With pride and joy I look once more at your comments and read and listen to the files I produced for your project while envisioning the reactions of your target group. A new journey is going to start, where shall I go this time?

Please add, if possible, the following details to your email for your voice over project:
type of project, type of medium, type of market, number of words, file format and deadline;

and the following details for your translation project: type of project, number of words and deadline.

You will receive my answer within 24 hours – Monday through Friday