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How can I help you reach your Italian potential clients?

Extensive experience

My name is Simonetta Ronconi and I am a Native Italian Voice Over Talent and Translator living in Amsterdam. I provide the international creative community with voice-overs and translations for their publishing projects and audio post-productions in Italianbusiness to business.


My extensive experience allows me to deliver translations and voice-overs with just the right tone of voice for your Italian speaking clients and potential clients.


As a translator, translating from English, Dutch and French into Italian, I specialize in museum audio guides, marketing, localization projects and subtitles.

Cross-cultural assistance

Knowing and understanding the cultural differences existing between Italy and other countries – Northern Europe and North America in particular – I can culturally adapt my interpretation to convey your specific message, taking into consideration the various and influential elements, intentions and nuances.


I can thus enhance your publishing or media projects with just the right interpretation, be it television or radio commercials, corporate videos, web-explainers, e-learning programs, audio guides, online product presentations, interactive voice response systems, tutorials, navigation systems, language courses or your latest assignment.


Own studio

Over the years I have recorded extensively in clients’ designated studios in The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and UK. Since 2004 I have also been recording and post-producing voiceover projects in my own professional recording studio, reaching a wide range of countries and clients, especially in Europe and in North America.


Versatile, creative and coachable I have developed expert self-directing and editing skills.


I am happy to record short custom demos and help check texts. When approved, I can deliver within 24-48 hours and be directed while recording with Source Connect or Skype, if needed.

Voiceovers SR

What clients say

‘It is always great to work with Simonetta Ronconi — one of the finest female Italian voice-overs I know. Professional, accurate, versatile. Her pleasantly “warm” and perfectly balanced tone of voice always ensures a professional result. 100% success guaranteed! Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative.’


P.C. Senior Sound Designer for an Audio-visual company in the Netherlands

Simonetta Ronconi is the ‘Italian’ voice within our Intelligent Artificial Voice System. She is a professional speaker; this becomes clear when we work with her in our studios. Simonetta also acts as a professional translator into Italian and advises us which translations should be used best for Italian native speakers. We are well pleased working with Simonetta, due to her professionalism, expertise as a speaker and translator.


Y.G. Account Manager of a leading provider of Intelligent Artificial Voice Systems for Airports and Airlines


‘AMAZING work, Simonetta! Thank you for your fantastic recordings – we love your voice, and you always get the job done perfectly right away. You are such a pleasure to work with and we look forward to the next project. 10 + stars!’


S.F. Director of Sales at a relevant voiceover community and online voiceover marketplace








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