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Free Covid-19 Public Safety Announcements for public spaces

Aviavox, the leading provider of intelligent artificial voice systems for airports and airlines, has launched a great initiative: a free Covid-19 Public Safety Announcements package for public spaces. After months of lockdown of various kinds around the world, these announcements may help any organization and business

World Voice Day 2020

World Voice Day is a global annual event held on 16 April dedicated to the phenomenon of voice celebration. The aim is to show the enormous value of the voice in the people's daily lives. Voice is an important aspect of healthy and effective communication.                 Source: World Voice Day

Voice Over Trends in 2019

“The way we engage with content is shifting: voice is now both powering and responding to our content needs - a new precedent for 2019 and beyond. Rising to meet this need will be voice-integrated and audio-rich content, which will proliferate at blinding speed, especially

Voice Over Trends 2018

It is time to have look at Voice Over Trends in 2018 and at what resonates with modern consumers on both an emotional and psychological level.   National and international markets increasingly demand a global sound While the number of job postings seeking English voice over continues to