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Food for thoughts

2021 Top Trends for Creative Services Industries

2020 and the pandemic have reshaped the landscape for creative services, accelerating change in digital transformation and content strategies, while promoting the rise of voice technologies.   Here are the top trends for creative services industries in 2021.         01   A Shift to Remote Work   2021 Prediction for the Future

Voice Over Trends in 2019

“The way we engage with content is shifting: voice is now both powering and responding to our content needs - a new precedent for 2019 and beyond. Rising to meet this need will be voice-integrated and audio-rich content, which will proliferate at blinding speed, especially

Voice Over Trends 2018

It is time to have look at Voice Over Trends in 2018 and at what resonates with modern consumers on both an emotional and psychological level.   National and international markets increasingly demand a global sound While the number of job postings seeking English voice over continues to

World Voice Day 2017

World Voice Day will be celebrated this year again on the 16th of April. I wish to share the mission statement published by 2017.world-voice-day.org and invite you to have a look at all the events organized all over the world.   MISSION STATEMENT   To share the Excitement of the

Voice Over Trends 2017

Voices.com has just published its precious ‘2017 Trends Report’ for the North American market and I would like to present you with a summary. Once again these data and conclusions offer a valuable perspective and a needed support to navigate the new market reality in the voice over industry.     TYPES OF COMMUNICATIONS AND ADVERTISING VEHICLES

The hidden element

There is an important aspect of the Italian way of communicating that will always remain hidden in Italian audio recording projects: “Italian symbolic gestures, the autonomous culturally codified gestures used by Italian hearing people in everyday communication”.You can certainly hear smiles or the effects breathing and body movements have on the interpretation

Corporate videos in 2016

“Voice over is booming because of the growth of online corporate videos. Corporate video has been a great source of work for voice over actors since the early 80’s. Traditionally companies have created audio visual product for conferences, seminars, new product launches, staff training and how-to’s. The

Voice Over Trends 2016

From what I gathered in my internet roaming and perusals and personally experienced lately, the voice-over industry seems set to grow even more in 2016. Here are some upcoming trends that could shape the voice-over industry in 2016 and for many years to come.     1. VIDEO

The Angels’ Language

There is something about the definition of “the Angels’language” that fascinates me. Apparently many poets, men and women of letters and artists spent quite some time on this topic and some are convinced that their own language must be the one spoken by the great winged souls

The fairest flower

When I first heard about L’Accademia della Crusca in Italy, during a lesson at school, I was not able to create a direct connection between the bran, la crusca, and the most important institution responsible for regulating the Italian language as well as the oldest linguistic academy in the world. I