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Have you ever thought about publishing your poems, a collection of your favorite poems or your short stories in an easy and affordable way? Well, there is an application now on the Apple App Store that can help you create, edit and publish your perfect slim volume in no time: iPoet!

When Keith McFarlane, a friend of mine, told me about his new app and asked me to help him with its translation into Italian I was very happy to accept. What more can I wish than to participate in a project concerning poetry, literature, printing, communication at large and software in its smartest suit? And all this knowing that I would contribute to the manifestation of a good friend desire?

Software strings translations require a thorough revision and double check of the application final version, but if you have to take care of all this while chatting amiably with a friend of yours and laughing at the whimsical turns of context adaptation then it becomes a real pleasure.

Keith Mcfarlane is a poet himself and his app is packaged with an original collection of some 50 poems of his. They illustrate what can be accomplished by way of presentation and quality. The name of the collection is Turning away and my favorite poem is Dark Star. Here is what Acumen Literary Journal has to say about Keith: “McFarlane’s poetry has appeared regularly in Acumen; his work is lyrical, and highly crafted. ‘The poet … has an ear for a resounding phrase and can move within the “caverns” of his mind to painful self analysis.’ – C. Beaton

The app is very user friendly. I like its design, its straightforwardness and all its options, not to mention the idea that it could bring to light lovely poems and stories possibly long forgotten in an attic drawer. Do you happen to have any of these so well hidden in your home that you need an epiphany to recall their existence? Well, I do…

The icing on the cake was the invitation to join Keith and his friends in marketing the iPoet launch.

The setting was more than appropriate: The English Bookshop. Located in the Jordaan, five minutes from my place, it is owned by Liesl Olivier, a kind and knowledgeable lady.

There I had the great pleasure of meeting Annie Wright, photographer and artist – www.profoundlysuperficial.com. We had great fun illustrating the various phases of the creation of a slim volume with iPoet. Annie is also a translator and we are certainly going to support each other’s activities in the future. She is really very inspiring.

For more info on iPoet, have a look at iPoetApp.

And of course, keep me posted on the launch of your first slim volume!


Simonetta Ronconi