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2021 Top Trends for Creative Services Industries

2021 Top Trends for Creative Services Industries

2020 and the pandemic have reshaped the landscape for creative services, accelerating change in digital transformation and content strategies, while promoting the rise of voice technologies.


Here are the top trends for creative services industries in 2021.





01   A Shift to Remote Work


2021 Prediction for the Future of Work:

Remote work is here to stay. That shift in mindset, for start-up entrepreneurs through to corporate executives, is one that will impact other business decisions, like when to outsource creative work.

Audio engineers, graphic designers, and, of course, voice actors will be in high demand. Companies are expected to relying on creative freelancers as their teams become leaner and brands compete for attention in the digital economy.




02   An Increased Demand for eLearning Content and Online Training


2021 Prediction for eLearning and Training Content:

Educators will be looking for professional-quality content for their students, and companies will be reimagining their internal training programs with a newly remote workforce.

Content producers will generate eLearning and training content in droves in 2021. The eLearning industry will be full of innovation, creating new ways to provide virtual classrooms and to keep the attention of their learners.

Corporate learning and development programs will also be challenged to level up and this may require eliminating group activities and replacing them with more pre-work, such as watching videos of pre-recorded content.

Corporate training departments will also increasingly supplement their company‑specific content with general skill development available on eLearning platforms.






03   The Growing Digital Audio Advertising Space


Ecommerce tripled in 2020. More than half of internet users are ordering groceries online. Even nearly half of all Baby Boomers have increased their digital spending.


2021 Prediction for Content Strategies:

In 2021, there will be growth in all types of digital content and a decline in content that hinges on its audiences to listen on their commute (like radio), be experienced in large groups (like movie theatres or museum exhibits) or to discover out in the world (like live events).





04   Increased Popularity of VoicePowered Applications and Devices


“Since the world is moving to more ecommerce and optimized systems, I think voice technology has significant importance in creating and protecting human connections.”


“Voice is feeling more and more like an expected, standard feature. It will not be long before voice is an essential part of *ALL* interactive work.”


The acceleration of digital transformation – which is defined as the digital evolution of business processes, business models, and organizational culture – extends to voice technology as well as to an increase in voice assistant assignments, since creatives are finding new ways to incorporate voice assistants into their work.


2021 Prediction for Voice Technology:

As the world becomes increasingly touchless, voice technology will be adopted at a faster rate than ever before. Businesses required to follow new health and safety policies will explore touchless technological solutions as they serve customers in a socially-distanced world. This goes beyond the use of voice assistants to also include integration of text‑to‑speech technology and AI at various times throughout the day, all powered by a hybrid of human and synthetic voices. Companies have become more comfortable with digital innovation and adoption in 2020, and as long as they see results, they will continue to invest

in that transformation.







For years Voice.com annual trends reports have been declaring that we’re in the era of the voice, but 2021 may just be the year that the rest of the world declares it too.


This shift to digital content also allows for targeting and personalization like never before. Marketing and advertising campaigns will have to consider multiple audiences, and creatives will be tasked with knowing each audience like the back of their hand. Brands may not have to pivot to the scale of 2020, but their renewed focus and altered strategies will serve them well with whatever 2021 brings.




Source: 2021 Annual Trends Report by Voices.com

Featured images credits for cover and details: Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash