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Where art-lovers meet artists

Artworld is the new app of Keith MacFarlane, the architect of iPoet.

I salute this new creative effort and, most importantly, its idealistic goal: the elimination of the middle-man in art works transactions and the no-cost participation for artists all over the world.




 Artworld videos’ launch

Last week Artworld videos were launched online and I had an extra reason to celebrate since I was offered the opportunity to voice its scripts in my Accented English.

Sometimes I am asked to voice scripts in Accented English for specific products, like radio commercials for Italian products in The Netherlands or in Belgium, or for global services like Mobile Active etc. Keith McFarlane belives that my Accented English fits well with his message and his app.

And here are the videos:

Artworld for the artist

Artworld for the art-lover 


Happy surfing!


Simonetta Ronconi







Featured cover credits: pixabay.com