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My first post this year is dedicated to Luca Bertolo, a young Italian artist from Milan. I had the privilege of being contacted by Bertolo for a narration in Italian conceived for his latest short film: Methallomai. The title, in Homeric Greek, means leap, rush upon (of warriors). The artist described his project as “a tiny Bildungsroman in the form of a journey on the moon; a metaphor; a synthesis of a maturation path in vaguely (and slightly banally) alchemic terms.”


When I first read his script I could immediately sense the surreal and almost oneiric atmosphere that I later experienced when I watched the final version of the short film. I was asked to read it in a matter-of-fact manner but while recording I could not stop myself from entering into the suspended “zone” evocated by the story.


For obvious reasons I cannot show you part of this project but I hope you will have a chance, one day, to watch it and admire Luca Bertolo’s work.


Simonetta Ronconi



Luca Bertolo was born in Milan in 1968. He has lived in São Paulo, London, Vienna and Berlin.

He exhibited his work in public institutions like Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, Palazzo delle Papesse in Siena, MACRO in Rome, and in private galleries like The Front Room Gallery in NY, Arcade in Londra, Wide Gallery in Berlin, Galleria SpazioA in Pistoia and Galleria Alessandro De March in Milano. He was the last artist to join Progetto Diogene in Turin (September 2010).


An interview with Luca Bertolo


Featured image credits: pixabay.com