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The Voice Team

The Voice Team

The Solution for Multilingual Audio-Visual Projects 

is finally online!


With pride and joy I announce today its virtual birth!

As one of its nine founding members, I am particularly happy to introduce you to this new top-notch professional cooperation.

We are a group of highly experienced, professional voice over artists of different nationalities.

We guarantee the quality, knowledge and skills of each of our voices.

We have extensive experience in a wide range of audiovisual productions, both commercial and non-profit.



Do you need a voice-over for an audio tour, corporate video or commercial? ​​In different languages? And all the voices have to sound equally convincing and strong?

Do you have a text that needs to be translated into several other languages?

This can all be arranged with one phone call or mail to The Voice Team.

We can provide the voices, translation, recording and, if required, postproduction.



You may need dubbing for people who appear onscreen. Of course, it is important that the translation fits the lip movements, that the dubbed voice matches the original, and that the text is recorded with the right intension and timing.

The Voice Team knows exactly what is needed to achieve optimal results!


Voice Booking

You can book a single voice, or a combination of voices in different languages. It’s also possible to book multiple voices for a language. In that case you can specify the number of voices, age and gender on the order form.



The Voice Team Studio is located centrally in the Netherlands:

Bobsound in Almere, 30 km from Amsterdam. The studio has extremely good technical facilities and highly experienced, qualified technicians. We produce a consistently excellent sound quality!


I invite you to visit our website and listen to our demos:  http://thevoiceteam.com/


Simonetta Ronconi


Featured cover credits: pixabay.com