Voice-over trends in 2016

From what I gathered in my internet roaming and perusals and personally experienced lately, the voice-over industry seems set to grow even more in 2016.

Here are some upcoming trends that could shape the voice-over industry in 2016 and for many years to come.

smile piccolo1. Video is becoming ever more important

“Firms are investing more in video content every year and that means voice-overs will be playing an integral part of their content marketing efforts as well”.

smile piccolo2. Businesses want voices that sound like friends rather than authority figures.

“Out with the “Announcer”, in with “The Girl/Guy Next Door””

smile piccolo3. Business wants a single ‘brand’ voice

“A brand voice needs to be approachable and represents everything your audience expects from you as a business. The way consumers hear a brand is as critical as the visual brand elements. More firms will employ a single voice artist (or a select few) to be the consistent voice of their brand in everything they do, from TV Commercials and product promo’s; to eLearning and telephone messages.”

smile piccolo4. Storytelling is fundamental

“To every interaction brands have with their audience storytelling is now pivotal – and to tell a story you need a voice. Stories are easy to remember and can give brand’s a positive association.
The key to brand storytelling is that tales begin long before the opening line and carry on beyond the final credits. A voice-over will be acting as one chapter in a much bigger picture.”

smile piccolo5. Multilingual video productions are becoming a must in a global marketing

“One of the biggest selling points of voice-over in global marketing is the ability to produce a single video and localise it for an international audience by translating and recording dialogue in every language you need. In any given language you’ll be interacting with people at different stages of the buying process. So why not target these users at different stages with explainer style voice-overs scripted to encourage them further along the buying process?”

smile piccolo6. Home studios are in demand more than ever

Voice actors with home studios continue to be in high demand, more than ever before because they can offer a high quality, a fast turn-around and at a lower cost than you may pay to an agency or studio. It can make producing multiple languages simultaneously much less time consuming.”

smile piccolo7. Accessibility requirements are becoming the norm

“Many regions are recommending, requiring, or in some cases even legislating companies to consider accessibility for all in their efforts. Websites read aloud for those with visual impairments for example, are becoming more important, and custom voice-overs vs. screen readers are being considered more and more.”

smile piccolo8. Fast turnaround is now a must

“Speed is a continuing requirement. Companies need their broadcast-quality voice-over files in hours, not weeks.”







Featured image credits: bencaostododia.com.br

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